Tasty Biscuit Cream Pudding

Biscuit Cream Pudding Is one of the tastiest and easiest puddings that you can make. This Recipe is prepared by Mrs. Anitha Abraham. Subscribe: MoralMag.

Biscuit Cream Pudding
Biscuit Cream Pudding


• Heavy cream -150 ml
• Milk Biscuits -15-20 biscuits
• Sugar -4-5 tbspns
• Vanilla essence -1/2 tsp
• Instant coffee powder -1 tsp
• Water -3/4 cup


1. Make coffee decoction with instant coffee powder and luke warm water. Let it cool.
Freeze the mixing bowl and beater for 2-3 hours.

2. Pour the cream into the mixing bowl and whip the cream using the beater till the cream becomes almost stiff.Add the sugar and whip the cream till it forms soft peaks.

3. Dip the biscuits in the coffee decoction and layer them on a bowl (You can try layering it on an oval plate as well since it might be easier to cut and serve).

4. Spread the cream on top of the layer of biscuits.
Now repeat the process with another layer of biscuits followed by cream till the biscuits are over.

5. Ensure that the whipped cream is the top most layer.
Refrigerate for 3-4 hours before serving.

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