Clone Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 in China

Samsung S8 clone
Leagoo KIICAA-S8

Chineese are famous for making clones and duplicate products of many brands. Because of the cheap labor and the availability of resources they can make a $500 phone in just $100. Recently the most impressive Samsung S8 was launched. The phone’s design and specs were so awesome that no other phone in the market has. But seeing this specs, an another company in china named Leagoo has cloned the Samsung S8 and named in The KIICAA S8.

The phone has exactly the same kind of specs like Samsung S8 but with a different name tag. The Dual curved AMOLED display and the 6GB RAM Gives the phone a powerful hardware to work on. The price is, as usually is the case with Chinese brands, very attractive. A rep from told that the top-of-the-line variant of this phone will still cost less than US$300.The reviews and impressions are giving this phone a positive response. But who know, every copy-cat has its own issues and problems.

The chineese company dont have any respect for samsungs intellectual property But also keep in mind, once samsung also did the same thing by copying Apples design. So in this world everything is fair as long as you are not totally recreating the same.

So if you’re planning to buy this phone, make sure you wont use this as your primary phone. It has its own identity.

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