Why Drink Beer? Check out the benefits of drinking it.

1. Beer keeps the kidneys healthy
Studies show that consuming a beer a day will reduce the risk of Kidney stone.

2. Beer prevents blood clots
Ingredients in Beer prevent the occurrence of blood clots. Hence gives a healthy body.

3. Beer boosts the memory
Less chance of Alzheimer’s and dementia according to studies

4. Beer fights off stress
Studies conducted by the University of Montreal says that 2 glass of beer will lower Stress and Anxiety.

5. Beer makes the skin youthful and beautiful
Beer regenerates the skin and has a positive influence on the pigmentation, Thereby get a glowing and Smoother skin.

6. Beer lowers the risk of heart attack
Experts believe that people who drink beer on a regular basis have a 40 to 60% reduced risk of a heart attack than those who don’t drink beer.

7. Beer Promotes Sleep
The nicotinic acid and lactoflavin found in beer give you a proper sleep.

8. Beer makes the bones stronger
The ingredient, silicon in beer increases the bone density.

9. Beer reduces high levels of cholesterol
The fiber in beer is known to reduce the high levels of bad cholesterol.

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