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Next level Transportation: The Flying Taxi

You might have seen flying cars in movies like Harry potter or may be back to the future. But have you seen it in real life? Well then you should go to Dubai. Dubai is moving to the next future level of transportation with the New Flying Taxis. They have planned to start flying passengers across the city in December,2023. The flying taxis can carry 2 passengers and can fly up to a speed of 100KM/Hr. The taxis will be fully automatic and no driver is required to run this.

Flying Taxi
Flying Taxi. Photo Captured in Dubai

The electrically powered driverless drones – named Ehang 184, have already been seen hovering above the sand dunes near the city’s airfield during test flights. While the exact details of the project’s logistics are yet to be revealed, Dubai’s RTA says the futuristic venture is part of a strategy to have self-driving vehicles account for a quarter of journeys made in Dubai, by 2023.

Monitored by ground control

Powered by eight propellers, Ehang says the 184 (which stands for one person, eight propellers, four arms) will cruise at around 100 kilometers per hour.
The routes will be programmed by a ground control center through an encrypted 4G network which will monitor the flight.
Awesome as it might sound to sit back and take in the view as the rest of Dubai is stuck in traffic jams, there are some limitations to the technology.

With a 30-minute of battery charge, It can travel 40 min. And then there are the usual concerns about drones in busy airspaces and the safety of driverless vehicles.
But like it or not, automated passenger drones will become a reality, says Captain Ross Aimer, CEO of US-based Aero Consulting Experts.

“It’s the future,” “We have the technology and it can be done. It’s time.”.
“The passenger drone is really just one step up from the delivery drones we’ve seen perforating the skies in recent years,”

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