Game of Thrones Theme song In Hindi: Viral


Game of Thrones Theme
Game of Thrones Theme Song

Indian Version of Game of Thrones Theme songs in going viral on YouTube now. Ever since the new season is here, the music started getting more popular. Ramin Djawadi composed the original track in 2015. The Hindi version along with vocals has been done by Harman Wadala, Shivam Shankar, Anant Singh, Abhishek Yadav, Jasmeet Bhatia, Arun Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey.

The video shows the singer Shivam Shankar and Amrit Raj Gupta and the teaser video of Game of Thrones. The video is going viral in every social media and online messengers.

Check out the Hindi Video here:

Original Track Video:

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