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We only thing about mushrooms only when we see it or when we are planning to cook or order food. But mushrooms have more uses beyond the kitchen.

1.Alternative to polystyrene

Mushroom Bags

Mushrooms are used to make an eco-friendly alternative polystyrene. A company in the United States named Evocative design grows mushroom in molds and then bake in an over to get that right texture, hardness, and elasticity. They use corn stalks and vegetable husks to make this special mushroom. Thanks to this latest technology we will be able to get biodegradable wraps and bags and avoid plastic. The company is researching more on how they can expand this invention.

2. The new chemical fertilizer.


Using chemical fertilizer for crops is a very dangerous was of cultivation. These days the awareness of chemical cultivation has made people realize the bad effects of it. It harmful for the soil, the plants and the humans who consume it. A scientist in Switzerland has discovered a new kind of fungi that acquire nutrients and will be able to support plans for their growth.This New mushroom fertilizer proves more and better result compared to the chemical fertilizers. which is 100% natural and cost effective.

3. Cleaning Petrochemicals


Mycologist and researcher Paul Stamets were contacted by the EPA after the Deepwater Horizon spill to learn about how mushrooms could be used to clean up petrochemicals via a process called mycoremediation, in which toxic compounds are reduced into harmless ones by fungi. The EPA did not actually use his mushrooms but Stamets has carried on with research should future spills occur, developing strains of oyster mushrooms that can tolerate ocean salinity and metabolize oil that is floating on the surface of the sea.

4. Garbage Disposal


In certain countries, the garbage is something that piles up and creates a lot of problems including diseases and sickness. The main reason for this is slow decomposition. If the decomposition rate is fast then the garbage can be effectively managed. With the help of mushroom, 90% of the waste can be decomposed ( degradable waste).

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