Sex Dolls as real as humans | Replacement .!

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Male sex robots with ‘bionic penis’ a threat to men!!

In recent times a lot of thoughts and inventions are coming out related to sex dolls and sex toys, made of plastic and other smooth material. The idea was to give people an alternative pleasure. When the demand increases the company started to focus more on making much better intelligent dolls. Companies like ‘ Real Doll’ have started making dolls which can actually replace a real men/women and give much better pleasure for the users.

MALE sex robots with a bionic penis “better than a vibrator” will go all night long. These dolls will run on batteries and will have Artificial intelligence build inside it. They will be able to respond to verbal cues and will be able to outperform any normal sex toy thereby giving the ‘ultimate pleasure experience’.

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New Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises May Just Replace Men in The Pleasure Department

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