SuperPhone 12GB RAM, 60MP Cam, 1TB storage. Coming soon

Upcoming Smartphone

As we are taking action towards the future, we see that smartphones are becoming much more powerful than they are now. Smartphone specifications have performed better in the last few years. We have already seen the phones with 4 GB to 10 GB RAM. The lates OnePlus 5 is also a big hit in the market. the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will also have a heavy Hardware.

Now we have reached that time where we need to present our smartphones which comes with 12 GB RAM size. With 12 GB RAM, mobile new brand names are coming to the market. It is difficult for new companies to compete in the market as it is the age of mobile phone competitor market, although smartphone manufacturing companies have adopted new strategies to enter the market. Companies are making advance features in their smartphones, these features include high-RAM, 60 MP camera and so on. In this article we will talk about 12 GB RAM mobile phones which can be launched in the coming months of 2017. Turing phone Cadenza (TRI), a US-based company has announced the Turing Phone Cadenza, which can be launched in the coming months of 2017.

So whats new in 2017

So far it is known that this is the first smartphone that comes with 60 MP rear camera. It includes the two 6 GB RAMs, which makes it a total of 12 GB of RAM. If this secret turns into reality then it will be good news for mobile gamers. Turing Robotics Industries uses voice command technology for the first time in their handsets, user can turn on/off his device by his voice through this technology. Anytime voice command can be used for biometric authentication, such as the retinal scanner or fingerprint sensor. In the period of features and specs, the Cadenza smartphone is offering two powerful Snapdragon 830 processors, this phone is packed with 1 TB large internal storage.

According to the information, the storage has been divided into three parts, which has two 256 GB memory in the device, which can be extended up to 500 GB via Micro SD card. Unlike the Android operating system, it’s running a different type of ‘Swordfish OS’. Unique features in the duration of technology using CADENZA NLP (natural language processing) with deep learning artificial intelligence. The smartphone includes some unique changes like 4 Nano SIM cards (YGIG) support, neural network and memory network. The handset body, complete with liquid metal and graphene oxide, also provides all the configuration flexibility, unbreakable and waterproof. This device has a 5.8-inch quad full HD display that has 1440 × 2560 pixel screen resolution. In this phone, 60-megapixel rear camera given with Triple Lens / T-1.2 with IMAX 6 and has a 20 MP front facing camera. 100Wh battery gives power to this phone. Turing phone Cadenza is the first smartphone that comes with 12 GB RAM. However, the price of mobile in India is waiting for the official announcement.

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