Top 5 Trending mobile phones June 2017

2017 marks the year for the most trending mobile phone with latest technology and innovations in the market. All these phones have certain benefits which are unique and are liked by all users. Now brands see the top 10 mobile phone of the week.


    Top 5 mobile phone

Rank 1

OnePlus 5

Top in the list the OnePlus 5. Launched on 20th June. This phone comes with a very heavy and powerful spec. The global sales almost crossed 800k and have pushed itself to Rank 1. This phone has 2 variants. See more by clicking here:

Rank 2

Nokia 6

Nokia was one of the most trusted brands in the world. Once it was dead and then the company called HMD Global has brought it back. The Company introduced 4 phones and in that the Nokia 6 is the top selling brand. Nokia 6 has decent specs according to its price. But it’s Nokia. Never underestimate it.If you want to but this phone, click:

Rank 3

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the top rated phones which amaze us with its performance and technology. Samsung started its Galaxy series with S1 and now they have improved all their specs and brought the best in S8. Its the most beautiful and powerful phone in the world. Galaxy S8 is one of that phone which is bought by the elite. See more information about the specs by clicking here.

Rank 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is one of the most affordable phones in the market. In order to drive the demand up, the company is not selling the phone that easily. You need to get an invitation to buy it.If you like to purchase the phone click here.

Rank 5

Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7 was released in September 2016. Ever since the sale of this phone is very stable. People trust this product a lot and would love to but it because of the reliability. The 5.5″Display and the 3GB Ram makes it the best phone in this range. The phone is packed with pretty awesome specs and this makes the demand more for this product. See here for more:

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